Run your favorite applications from any computer, anywhere, any time.

  • Enjoy the same app environment on any computer.

    Easily restore your apps if your computer breaks.

    No need for a live internet connection.

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Synclogue のサービスは 2017年2月28日 を持ちまして終了することとなりました。

Easily synchronize the settings on all your favorite apps.

  • Development environment

    Maintain the same development environment across all your computers by synchronizing them with Synclogue.

  • Email settings

    Synchronizing your email software frees you from having to reconfigure your email settings on each new device.

    ※Compatible applications and functions are limited because this is a beta version.

Use Synclogue in 3 easy steps.

  • Import

    Import applications from your computer by dragging and dropping them into Synclogue.

  • Download

    Open Synclogue from another computer and download the applications you need.

  • Synchronize

    After you finish using the application, your settings will be automatically synchronized.

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  • Safe and secure

    Syncogue keeps your application data safe. All communications are encrypted in order to protect against unauthorized access, data manipulation, and data destruction.

  • Immediate recovery of apps and settings

    Your application data will be saved to the cloud so you'll never lose your synced data even if you lose or break your computer.

  • Works both online and offline

    Applications you download through Synclogue are saved to your computer so you can use the applications even when you're offline.